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      Youth worries about mental health and the environment

      The young are supposed to be care free but that isn’t the case, many are deeply concerned about mental health, the state of the world’s climate and the persistence of bullying.
         This year’s Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2019 surveyed young people aged between 15 to 19 years old in Australia and found some bright spots too, around six in 10 young people felt very happy/happy. Read More


      2 Dec 2019 | National
      Using indigenous contexts to teach the Australian curriculum: science News Image

      Science teachers can access a complete suite of resources from Foundation to Year 10 to support them in integrating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority into Science subjects. Read More

      2 Dec 2019 | SA
      Be Active Challenge increases activity News Image

      A total of $50,000 has been awarded to 50 schools recognised for their outstanding achievement in this year’s South Australian Premier’s be active Challenge.
      Read More

      2 Dec 2019
      Why teachers and kids should be moving, breathing and doing mindfulness activities throughout their day News Image

      As we hurtle towards a new decade, how do we create classroom environments where nourished teachers nurture students to become capable, creative, critical thinkers while maintaining their mental health and wellbeing? Read More

      1 Dec 2019 | Sydney
      Free autism friendly Minecraft workshops News Image

      Microsoft Store Sydney in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), will run a series of free autism friendly Minecraft workshops at Microsoft Store for children aged 8 -14 years. Read More

      1 Dec 2019 | National
      PeopleBench Appoint Chief Technology Officer News Image

      Education workforce analytics and research company PeopleBench has appointed technology leader Peter Blyth to the position of Chief Technology Officer as it nears 100 subscriptions to its data-driven school benchmarking platform. Read More

      1 Dec 2019 | NSW
      Second stop work for Catholic schools staff News Image

      Employees at the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Office (CSO) will engage in a second round of protected industrial action following further restructure announcements by the diocese this week. Read More

      1 Dec 2019 | National
      Provide free school travel for struggling students News Image

      Public transport isn’t cheap anymore, even with a concession it is $607 for a full-year student pass. Some families cannot afford a myki, let alone a lump-sum payment, which is currently the cheapest option. Read More

      29 Nov 2019 | SA
      Funding boost for South Australian youth leadership program News Image

      The state government has committed to an additional $600,000 over the next three years to the Youth Opportunities Association SA to run their Personal Leadership Training Program. Read More

      29 Nov 2019
      Party Higher Entertainment focuses on student wellbeing in schools 每 and it*s having powerful results News Image

      Party Higher is a national wireless headphone entertainment company and the only silent disco company in Australia that specialises in silent disco for children and youth. Read More

      28 Nov 2019 | National
      Should universities be enforcers or educators? News Image

      Why do students cheat? What should the consequences be for cheaters? Do Australia's universities face a plague of cheating? If so, how should they respond? Read More

      28 Nov 2019 | National
      The maths olife, evolution and our world 每 Mahler Lecture Tour 2019 News Image

      This December join University of Cambridge Corfield Lecturer Dr Holly Krieger in Melbourne and Brisbane during her national 2019 Mahler Lecture Tour and explore the maths of our world. Read More

      28 Nov 2019 | Melbourne
      Harping on about musical foundations News Image

      The thing about the harmonica is that you can get pretty good in a fairly short amount of time, not Stevie Wonder good but good enough to have fun with it and feel a sense of achievement. Read More